Top Lunch Box Reviews in Australia

Hello! I’ve taken the hard work out of choosing the right lunch box for your child and I have reviewed the top kid-friendly lunch boxes for 2016. The lunch boxes reviewed range in price from $12,00 all the way up to $80,00, so there is one for every budget. All the lunch boxes are rubbish free, so there is no need for extra packaging and waste.

Included in each review:

  • Size
  • Capacity
  • Where to buy
  • Ease of use
  • Ease of washing
  • Dishwasher safe
  • My personal review
  • Detailed images

You can check out the reviews below by clicking on each image or link.


Go Green Lunch Box Review

1.  Go Green Lunch Box Review


fuel Bento Lunch Box Review

2. Fuel Lunch Box Review


Laptop Lunches Oh So Busy Mum Lunch Box Reviews


3. Laptop Lunches Lunch Box Review


planet box rover Lunch Box Review by Oh So Busy Mum


4. Planet Box Rover Lunch Box Review 


goodbyn hero lunch box review by Oh So Busy MUM


5. Goodbyn Hero Lunch Box Review


boon cargo lunchbox review by Oh So Busy Mum


6. Boon Cargo Lunch Box Review


Tupperware Sandwich Keeper Lunch Box Review by Oh So Busy Mum

7. Tupperware Sandwich Keeper Review


Nude Food Rubbish Free Lunch Box Review by Oh So Busy Mum

8. Nude Rubbish Free Lunch Box Review


Lunch Bots Lunch Box Review Oh So Busy Mum

9. Lunch Bots Trio Lunch Box Review


  • Lesley says:

    Great options!!
    Have 2 questions..
    Which ones have capability for freezer bricks to keep cool/cold?
    Which ones come in insulated bags?
    Thx heaps!

    • ohsobusymum says:

      I have listed if an insulated bag is included with the lunch box. The ones that included the insulated bags have the option to buy matching ice packs.

  • Natalie Blackshaw says:

    Wondering why you didnt include the Yumbox in your review? This one seems to be just as popular as the Go Green etc.

    • ohsobusymum says:

      The yumbox importer for Australia felt the advertising budget would be best spent elsewhere then providing one Panino for review and didn’t want it to be included. I then chose not to include the original yumbox so no issues could arise from doing so. Shame the review has already had over 16,000 views in the first week so would have been great to be included.

  • Bec C says:

    Thank you so much for the review! Trying to decide between the lunchbots and the laptop lunch boxes for my sons.
    Would 2 smaller lunchbots fit in a fridge to go bag? morning tea and lunch packed separate?
    I’m just not sure one looks big enough for a 6 and 8 year old..
    or would you suggest going laptop lunch box? Im just worried about the annoyance of washing all the boxes and lids..
    thanks again 🙂

  • Tamie says:

    Any thoughts in the fridge to go??

  • Denisa Belinic says:

    Hello there, I need a big leakproof lunchbox and had a bad experience with the Go Green, so am looking for an alternative. Does the Planetbox keep the food fresh over night in the fridge even though it is not leakproof as such? Do all the other non leak proof ones do so?
    Thank you!

  • LaiBmama says:

    Hi there, I have bought a Boon Cargo lunch box and struggling to find a insulated bag for it. Wonder if you have any recommendations? Many thanks.

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