Lunch Bots Trio Lunch Box Review



Lunch Bots Trio


Available from Little Linky

Lunch Bots has an extensive range of stainless steel lunch boxes including the trio.

What I Like:

  • Easy to wash
  • Good quality
  • Great snack sized for younger kids

What I don’t like:

  • The lid can be a little tricky to remove for small hands
  • Size (only suited for snacks or younger children)
  • Price is a little high

Lunch Bots 2

This is more of a snack-size lunch box. It’s the perfect size for a handbag or nappy bag. You really can’t fit a full sandwich, only smaller squares cut up. I use it for snacks like sultanas, crackers and cheese, just for short trips. It’s great when you don’t need a large lunch box and are just after a smaller snack-sized box. You can get the larger size in this range if you do need the extra size. This is high quality and I have been using it for over 2 years now, and it still looks brand new.

Lunch Bots star

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