FRASER ISLAND IS AMAZING! I had NO idea something this gorgeous was practically in my backyard! Fraser Island is a short 3 and a half hour drive from Brisbane to the River Heads ferry terminal and only a 50-minute barge ride to the island. What makes Fraser so attractive to families, other than the obvious beauty of the island, is that most of the popular spots you can visit are free! Not to mention a heap of other free activities once you get to the resort!

We were booked into the Executive Villa, which slept our family of 6 comfortably. The villas are perfect for large families like ours, and having the self-contained kitchen allowed us to cook our meals in the villa when we chose to. The Villas are located a short walking distance from the main centre complex, where you will find the biggest resort swimming pool, restaurants, bars and check-in. You will find my full review on King Fisher Bay Resort here! Having checked-in, we decided to explore the resort on foot and have lunch at The Sand Bar which, conveniently, had a pool located right in front of it and was a mere 2-minute walk to the beach!


Fraser Island is known for its four-wheel driving, which we didn’t get a chance to tackle this visit, but we have planned to come back and give it a go soon! This time around, we decided to book the Beauty Spots Tour, a full day tour of Fraser Island where you get the chance to visit and explore the most popular (and most amazing) spots on Fraser Island. I liked that I could just sit back and relax and not have to worry about finding our way through any four-wheel drive tracks! Ha! Better still, our tour included morning tea, a full buffet lunch and afternoon tea as well. We had the pleasure of having Martin as our guide for the day, who was informative and so passionate about the island, which made for a really unforgettable experience.

Lake McKenzie

The gorgeous (and totally Instagram-worthy!) Lake McKenzie is a lake located on Fraser Island and contains natural rainwater. It’s lined with pure white sand that filters rainwater to create the crystal clear waters. We only got to spend an hour here, but I could have spent a whole day just relaxing on this lake. I have never seen anything as amazing as this lake in my life! If you haven’t yet seen Lake McKenzie, you NEED to put it on your bucket list.

Central Station and Wanggoolba Creek

What a special place to see! Imagine a rainforest with tall, beautiful trees, an abundance of wildlife and crystal clear creeks running through it all. What’s really unique about his place is that you have access to it on foot, via a wooden boardwalk that follows the edge of the creek.  My kids loved spotting the freshwater eels swimming down the creek.

The famous Seventy-Five Mile Beach

This stretch of beach is located on the eastern side of the island and you guessed it, it’s is 75 miles long! The kids loved cruising along the beach, sitting up high in our tour vehicle where they could see absolutely everything. There is truly something unique and super fun about driving along a beach highway! You will find that you can take a light aircraft over the island from this stretch of beach and I highly recommended you put THAT on the bucket list too! Incredible!

Maheno Shipwreck

The Maheno ran aground during a cyclone in 1935 and it is one of Fraser’s most famous shipwrecks. This was my kids first time seeing a shipwreck and they were, in equal parts, amazed by the story and intrigued by its sheer size! You can walk up to the wreck and really explore the entire ship, which makes for some very good photo opportunities!

Eli Creek

Eli Creek is a popular spot for families to laze around and float down the creek. A massive four million litres of water spills out each hour! You can find the perfect spot to float down to the mouth by following the wooden boardwalk along the creek. My little ones were scared at first, so I suggested taking their floating devices so that they felt a little safer with the water flow. This experience ended up being the highlight of the trip for the kids! We only had an hour here this visit, but we will definitely be back to conquer the hiking trails too!


We didn’t spot any dingos this visit, but there is plenty of information around at every spot explaining what to do if you encounter any dingos. You should always travel in a group, and never let small children wander off alone. You can find more information about the dingos on Fraser HERE.

Have you been lucky enough to Fraser Island before? I’d love to hear about your Island experiences?!

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