How to travel on a budget with a family

How to travel on a budget with a family

Travelling with a family of six adds up quickly! Over the years of travelling with my family, I have found some ways to travel on a budget and save money.

Here are 10 of my top tips when travelling on a budget!



Travel off-season

 The only way that I have been able to travel with my family of 6 is to travel in off-season. That does mean pulling the kids out of school for travel, but the savings can be up to 50%.



Fly budget airlines

If you have a few flights to catch, I recommend you fly budget airlines for a fraction of the cost. For long-haul flights, I prefer to book a full-service airline, but for shorter connections, budget airlines work well.



Look for discounts

For most destinations, you’ll find coupons, discount books and eating-out discounts online. Print, purchase and save as many of these as possible for each destination you’re visiting.



Stay in self-contained accommodation

Self-contained accommodation allows you to do a grocery shop and prepare food in your room. For us, as a family of 6, it’s not realistic to eat out three times a day, so I always look for self-contained accommodation where possible.



Prepay for as much as you can

We try and book a year in advance, which gives us plenty of time to pay things off throughout the year and before we travel.



Hire a car to save on tours

One way to save is to look up the places you want to visit and do them on your own.


Cheap eats

 You’ll find some of the best food at street stalls and little restaurants. Also, look out for “kids eat free” deals.



Stay in budget accommodation

If you’re anything like us, you won’t spend too much time in your room. As long as it’s clean and comfortable, budget accommodation will save a heap of money.



Wait for a sale

I refuse to pay full price when travelling. Deals pop up all the time if you wait and watch prices regularly.




Book in advance with free cancellations

Most hotels have an option to book direct and if the price drops, they allow you to rebook with the new pricing without any fees.


I’d love to hear some of your tips for travelling on a budget with your family!

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