Although I travel by plane several times a year both domestic and international, I’m a nervous flyer! I instantly feel sick once I’m on board, I get worried about every single noise, bump and anything else you could imagine. On our most recent trip to the USA, I had to overcome 2 x 14-hour flights, 2 x 6-hour flights and a flight in a TINY light aircraft (my biggest fear) to the Grand Canyon.


Here are some tips that get me through each flight!

  • Noise cancelling headphones – They will block out any noise from the aircraft and kids which is a bonus.
  • Watch the cabin crew – You can see by the body language of the cabin crew and how calm they are during turbulence which is always reassuring.
  • Watch a movie –  I find watching a movie keeps me busy and keeps my mind from worrying about the flight.
  • Try not to overthink everything – This is my biggest problem! It’s really hard not picking apart every noise, bump or movement that occurs. It’s really best to try and let it go!
  • Take advantage of the alcohol on full-service flights – Do what you have to do to get through the flight! Ha!
  • Let the cabin crew know you are scared –  I have had a few crew notice I was scared and they took the time to reassure me! They are great at doing this and who better to reassure you than an expert flyer.
  • Speak with your GP before flying – Your GP might want to prescribe you something to relax you before the flight. I have no experience with this and haven’t needed to take anything before, but I have family that do this each time they fly and it calms them for the flight.
  • Talk to people around you – We’ve met so many friendly travellers on board our flights! Again, this keeps you busy while allowing you to make new friends at the same time.
  • Sit near the wings or in the middle of the plane – This is my favourite spot to sit! I feel less movement here and find it “less bumpy”. Your view is also obstructed being over the wings.


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