How to tackle the Brisbane Domestic Terminal with kids!


This post is a collaboration with Brisbane Airport

Let’s face it, travelling with kids can be stressful. There is so much more to plan and prepare for when travelling with kids, but one thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is tackling the airport.


We love exploring the airport pre-flight! Having travelled through the Domestic Terminal more than 30 times with kids, I thought I would put together some of my top tips for -stress-free travel.

Arrive early

This is a MUST when travelling with kids! Plan to arrive at least two hours early for a domestic flight and don’t worry, you won’t be bored!. You have to remember everything takes a little longer with kids in tow and you don’t want to be rushing to the gate stressed out at the last minute. The Domestic Terminal has enough to keep the whole family entertained with lots of shopping and great places to eat, so the earlier you arrive, the better!


Full tummies = happy kids! You’re spoiled for choice at the Domestic Terminal when it comes to finding great food. There’s places to sit down as well as a bunch of quick, on-the-go places like Sushi Sushi and Carl’s Jr to grab something before your flight. My favourite is The[AB1] Glasshouse Bar, which has a great kids’ menu ranging from $10 – and don’t forget about the view of the planes that you get from here!

Another bonus with The Glasshouse Bar is they’ll happily put the food in a take-away box if you prefer to eat on the go or the kids don’t finish off their meals. You can check out the full range of sit-down restaurants and food options here.

Let the kids burn off some energy

If you have a younger child in a stroller, let them walk the terminal and explore on foot for a bit. It’s a great way for them to use up some of that energy before they have to sit still on a flight for a few hours. If you have older kids, explore the terminal stores with them and keep moving rather than sitting down on devices waiting for your flight. You know you can always rest your feet sitting down on your flight.

Stock up on chewing gum, snacks and magazines for the flight

This has become a little family travelling tradition. My girls know that each time we go on a flight, we go to the newsagent [email protected]at the terminal and buy a packet of gum, a snack and a magazine each. They have such a great range here for all ages, and you’ll find some sweet treats for the kids, but also a huge range of healthier snack options, too.

Grab some earplugs or medication prior to your flight

The Airport Pharmacy has a good range of medication, ear plugs and other first-aid items you might need prior to travelling. My girls get dry lips when travelling and it’s one thing I always forget to pack, so I grab a chap stick here to pop in our pocket during the fight.

Find a good spot!

I’ll let you in on a little secret spot I found on my last visit to the Domestic Terminal. Towards the end of the Virgin Australia terminal, you’ll find Fonzie Abbott, where there’s a row of seats along the window with a great view of the planes. It’s a quiet spot to have a milkshake with the family and plane spot at the same time.

Check out the Domestic Terminal even if you’re not travelling


Now, if you live in Brisbane and you’re seeing the family off on a holiday, you too can enjoy all that the Domestic Terminal has to offer. You do have to pass through security (which doesn’t take all that long), but you don’t need to be travelling anywhere to explore the terminal. We regularly take the kids out there to have a milkshake while plane spotting and they love it. Don’t forget to book your parking online to get a cheaper rate and have fun exploring!

I hope this post helps you with your pre-flight planning at the Domestic Terminal. If you have any more tips to add, I’d love to hear them!


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