Disneyland or Disney World on your first trip?

This is a common question asked in my Disney Mums Facebook group. I have written a blog post to help you decide which park is best for you. I have compared the 2 American theme parks and haven’t included other countries.

In my expert Disney addict opinion, Disneyland is the best park for your very first Disney trip.

I’ll explain why!

  • Disneyland is a shorter and more direct flight
  • It’s smaller – it has 2 theme parks whereas Disney World has 4 plus 2 water parks
  • Less planning – Disney World is on a whole other level and requires extra planning
  • Disneyland tickets are cheaper
  • Budget friendly accommodation is within walking distance and readily available.
  • Logistics – Disneyland is closer to the tourist hotspots Australian’s love including LA, San Diego, Palm Springs and Santa Monica.

Why I wouldn’t choose Walt Disney World on a first trip!

  • Longer flight requiring stopovers
  • It has 5 theme parks to plan and navigate
  • Preparation and planning needs to happen in advance
  • Slightly more expensive than Disneyland
  • It’s a massive trip!
  • You can’t walk to the theme parks; instead you need to navigate the WDW modes of transport
  • You need more time to explore all of the Disney World theme parks

Disclaimer: If you have already ticked Disneyland off your list, advance to the next level and get to Disney World!

If you’re planning a trip to a Disneyland or Disney World, I have a section dedicated to Disney on my blog HERE. There is also a dedicated Facebook group called Disney Mums Australia HERE!


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