Now, I suppose I’m no expert when it comes to travelling with kids, but I AM a mum and I have been travelling abroad with my children for over a decade, so I wanted to share some helpful tips that work for our family.


  1. Take it slow. We all know everything with kids takes longer, but it can be a positive thing when travelling. Having children in tow makes you slow down the pace a little and allows you more time to enjoy and explore.
  2. Be prepared. This is so important when travelling with kids! Anything can happen at any time, so make sure you’re prepared for delays, medical issues or travel problems.
  3. Pack light. There is nothing worse than moving around hotels or getting through airports with excess luggage. Ditch the stuff you won’t use or the “just in case” stuff and purchase it on holidays if needed.
  4. Bring along a travel stroller or carrier. One of my biggest travel MUSTS when travelling with kids! You’ll be out, and about way more and your kids’ little legs will get tired after the long days exploring! We always take a stroller and find Miss 3 and Miss 5 STILL both use it, we definitely wouldn’t travel without one!
  5. Pre-book children’s meals before flying. I know a lot of parents don’t realise you have to book children’s meals before flying to ensure your kids have suitable meals. Not all airlines provide this automatically, so make sure you book these.
  6. Research child-friendly activities. I’ve learned this one the hard way! In the past, we have ended up in places and on day trips that weren’t very kid-friendly at all! These days, I make sure I research age limits, places, packages and child-friendly activities BEFORE booking anything.
  7. Stay at kid-friendly resorts. We LOVE staying at family- and kid-friendly resorts. Not only do they cater very specifically for the children, taking the heat off Mum and Dad a little, but you’ll also be surrounded by other families! Vacation friends are wonderful friends to make!
  8. Pack medications and basic first aid kit. Many of the medications we buy at home simply aren’t available abroad, so make sure you pack them along with a basic first aid kit. My daughter requires asthma medications which are available over the counter here at home but need a prescription overseas, so we make sure we have an ample supply on us when we travel.
  9. Look at different modes of travel. Re-think booking flights! Why not try a cruise or a train? One of our dreams is to go on an epic train adventure with our children!
  10. Take nighttime flights. We are definitely seasoned travellers by now and have been aboard many a flight! I have learned that long haul overnight flights (or red-eye flights) work best for our family. The children sleep almost the entire flight away and wake up somewhere wonderful abroad (or wake up back at home on the return leg!). Such a win for Mums and Dads!
  11. Bring home comforts. You certainly don’t need to pack the entire toy box! But try to bring a few of their little favourites if you can, along with a blanket or pillow from home. These small things will bring them comfort when in faraway destinations.
  12. Give them a camera. All of my kids have their very own cameras. Not only do they love to take pictures when we’re travelling, but we all have so much fun looking through their images when we get home.
  13. Always pack a set of spare clothes. We’ve had a few too many accidents that require a change of clothes when travelling, so I make sure everyone in the family (including me) has a spare set of clothes in a backpack that we always keep handy.
  14. Pack iPad and headphones. We don’t travel without the kids iPads in tow! They are the perfect distraction for little ones when you are travelling between destinations.
  15. Get on the new time zone asap. I know some people like to ease into a new time zone slowly, but we prefer to do it as soon as we arrive at our destination! We’ve just found that it helps so much with the dreaded jet lag and our children adjust to our new surroundings so much faster.
  16. Make new friends. One of my favourite things about travelling is the new friends we make and the other families we get to meet along the way. Our children have made some beautiful forever friends on our trips abroad.
  17. Use the kids club if available. You will definitely find me booking hotels over anything else if they have a kids club available. Not only do they give Mum and Dad a bit of a break whilst travelling, but the kids love them and are kept super busy with so many fun activities!
  18. Look for kids coupons to save money. Many theme parks and travel-related services and activities will have great deals for families where kids eat, stay or enter for FREE! Make sure you look for them!
  19. Allow extra time. Travelling with kids is best to do at a slower pace to ensure you allow more time to explore, understand and take it all in. Travelling is a beautiful adventure after all!


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