Kids School Station Using The Kmart Lockers

Over the past few years of my kids attending school, I have learned how important it is to keep all the school gear together and organised. This year I have one child off to high school, two kids in primary school and one child off to childcare! That’s a heap of school gear to keep organised, so I had to find a solution quickly. I was initially planning on using IKEA cube shelving and some hooks, but then I spotted these fantastic White Metal Lockers at Kmart for only $49.00.

I received lots of comments asking how I created it, how much it cost, and what products I used, so I put together this post to explain what I did to create my school station!


The plain wall had holes and markings all over it. Initially I was going to paint the wall, but I decided it was easier to hang up a $14.95 IKEA curtain to cover it.



I needed to find some cheap flooring to cover the concrete and to create a space for the kids to sit to put on their shoes. I purchased two fake grass panels from Bunnings for $10 each.


For final touches, I added the Kmart White Tall School Lockers, Kmart black wire baskets, Kmart stool and Kmart clothes rack for hats.



The kids have put the station to good use over the first few weeks of school! I really don’t know how we managed the last few years without it.


Below is where you will find everything I used!


Do you have a school organisation station set up? I’d love to see it!


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