Busy Mum’s Guide to Selling Unwanted Goods Online and Making Some Extra Cash!

Cha Ching! You can make some extra cash easily simply by selling unwanted goods online. Way back in the day when Facebook groups just started out, I ran a few popular Facebook buy and sell pages. Back then, I would sell every piece of clothing my kids outgrew and would pick up bargains when I was shopping to sell online. As my blog grew and my Facebook groups exploded, I had to hand them over to someone else to run and manage, because running 50 Facebook groups was a little challenging. I did keep a few groups, which I still run today, but with Facebook Marketplace now a thing, it makes it much easier to sell items online without the need to be a member of a group.


I thought I’d share my experiences of selling online with you, along with a few tips to make it easier for you to sell your unwanted goods online and make some extra cash! Over the weekend, I got my girls a new Ikea bunk bed, so I decided to sell their old furniture to pay for their new stuff.


Just by listing a few unwanted items I managed to sell them for a total of $580!

2 x single beds $80

Rug $30

2 bed canopies $350

Ikea drawers $120

Total of $580

Where to sell your items?

I recommend you use free sites first like Facebook buy/sell groups, Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree before using a paid site like eBay. If your items don’t sell, you could try eBay next, but remember eBay charges to sell items, which is less money in your pocket.


How to increase your chances of selling an item

Sell as many items as possible at once

I always check out other items people have for sale when purchasing an item from someone. You can increase your chances of selling more if you have all items listed at once for people to view.


Avoid selling as a package

It can be really hard to sell items as a bulk lot or packages because buyers rarely want everything you are selling. You can also make a bit more by splitting them items up and selling them individually.


How to write a perfect description

You need to write a clear, informative description to avoid answering constant questions about the item you’re selling. The more details you provide in your description, the fewer questions you will receive.

Make sure you include:

  • Brand name
  • Age of item
  • Condition
  • Clear description
  • Location and postage details
  • Include “check out my other items for sale”
  • Clear images with no filter on them
  • Close of images of any damage or marks

Selling Tips


Meet in a public area if you don’t want people coming to your house

I find it best to meet at a local service station. I don’t know about you, but I just don’t like strangers showing up at my house to collect an item. There have been reports of people asking to look at mobile phones and they snatch them and take off. So just keep safe and if it doesn’t feel right, cancel the sale.


Offer postage for smaller items

Offering postage will widen your chances at selling the items Australia wide or worldwide. Local pick up is convenient for you as you don’t have to worry about posting the item, but that does lessen the chances of selling the items.


Only post via registered or tracked post

Make sure you post all items via registered or tracked post to keep track of the item you have sent. You can then send the tracking number to the buyer to track. Make sure you lodge them over the counter at Australia post and keep proof of lodgement which you will need if the items get lost.


Reduce the price for quick sale

If your items aren’t selling and it’s been a few weeks, I recommend you reduce the price slightly and continue to reduce the price every few weeks until the item sells.


I hope my tips help you sell some unwanted stuff online and get some extra cash in your pocket!


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