Back To School Organisation Tips and Ideas

One of the best tips I can give other parents is to be organised with school gear. There is nothing worse than losing school stuff in your own home and having to replace the lost items. With 4 kids now in school, every single school item has a place, and all my kids know where that place is.

I recommend you get a school locker or cupboard where you can store everything. My kids each have a metal locker from Kmart when they had them a while back, and now Bunnings has the same style for $49. I store everything school-related in each of the kids’ lockers and there is no way I could live without them now. They just make it so much easier to keep everything together and we don’t have to stress looking for school items.

How I organise the locker

Top shelf:

  • Document organiser for letters
  • Library bag
  • Artwork folder
  • Whiteboard weekly calendar to help the kids remember what activity is on what day

Middle shelf:

  • Basket with extra hat, goggles, bathing cap and sunscreen
  • Whiteboard
  • Homework caddy

Bottom shelf:

  • School bag
  • Shoes

How I store artwork

The amount of artwork that comes home from school is a little crazy, so I had to work out a solution fast! I have a folder with transparent sleeves for each child that is labelled with their name and the year. While I do try to keep as many artworks as possible, for the paintings that I don’t keep, I try and reuse as wrapping paper for gifts.

I hope this helps some other parents out there with organising all of their school gear.




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