How To Stop Cut Apples Going Brown


How to stop apples going brown

My girls’ lunch boxes won’t fit a whole apple in them, so I have to cut them up. I’ve sent them cut up a few times; by lunchtime, they were brown and yuck. Today, I thought I would test a few different ways on How To Stop Apples Going Brown in the lunchbox.
I used apple juice, salt water, plain water and soda water. I let them soak for 5 minutes each and left them out in room air for 3 hours.

All the apples remained fresh and crisp, with only slight browning occurring.

Apple Juice

Taste – sweet, subtle juice flavour
Colour – no browning after 3 hours

Salt Water

Taste – salty flavour
Colour – tiny amount of browning

Plain Water

Taste – no flavour
Colour – slight browning

Soda Water

Taste – no flavour
Colour – slight browning

You can view the images below of the apples after 3 hours. I would say the apple juice worked the best, but not much better than just plain water. I will be using plain water from now on!


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