Top 10 Kmart Hacks

Who doesn’t love Kmart right now? They have some amazing homeware at budget prices. I am in love with their entire homeware range, especially those mentioned in my Top 20 Homeware at Kmart. Sometimes, I just can’t find the right colour or style to suit my house. That’s where these easy top 10 Kmart hacks come in, with most hacks only requiring some cheap paint to transform the colour or style.

Check out my Top 10 Easy Kmart Hacks below!

1. Ceramic Pineapple Jar $9.00

Originally – White or yellow

Hack – I spray-painted it gold with $3 spray paint from Bunnings.

(photo by Oh So Busy Mum)

2. The Shadow Box House $9.00

Originally – Mixed bright colours

Hack – I knocked the back off this and painted the reverse side with a soft mint green.

(photo by Oh So Busy Mum)

3. Metal Pot Plant Stand $6.00

Originally – Yellow, blue or red

Hack – Spray-paint it white.

(photo by Danielle Stahl)


4. Round Hanging Mirror $19.00

Originally – Brown leather

Hack – Add copper leaf edging – the tutorial is linked below.

(photo by Creative Bowerbird)

5. Hexagon Shadow Box $12.00

Originally – Hot Pink-backed with white shelf

Hack – Paint it grey.

(photo by Bridget_Mccoy)


6. Ampersand LED Light $15.00

Originally – Plain black

Hack – Paint it white.

(photo by Adored by Adrienne)


7. House Storage Boxes (set of 2) $12.00

Originally – Blue and white

Hack – Paint it black around the edges.

(photo by Lionandlamb_kids)


8. Wall LED arrow $9.00

Originally – Grey/silver

Hack – Paint it black.

(photo by Kayla Loves)


9. Stag Clock $9.00

Originally – Plain wood

Hack – Paint it white.

(photo by


10. Wall Hanging Rack $9.00

Originally – Plain white

Hack – Superhero mask pattern can be added using a black marker.

(photo by Oh So Busy Mum)



* All images have been used with permission and given credit.

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