What to do (and not do) when preparing to travel with kids


Australia Post is the number one destination for child passport photos. Photos are ready in minutes, and it’s easy to organise your passport application during the same visit. To find out more about our passport photo service, click here.


As I’m currently in preparing to travel mode (I’m travelling to the USA with my family), I thought it would be the perfect time to share my tips on preparing to travel with kids.


Do get your children’s passports taken at your local Australia Post outlet. Australia Post passport photos are ready in minutes, are compliant and have digital copies available. The cost for a set of photos is $16.95, or $19.95 for a digital copy emailed to you.

Don’t try and take passport photos yourself. I have tried a few times and failed each time miserably. The government has a list of strict requirements, including no smile, no head tilt, white background and the list just goes on. Save yourself the hassle and get them professionally taken at Australia Post. If your passport photo from Australia post gets knocked back, they will happily retake the photos at the same outlet free of charge.

Do practice with your child how they should stand and use no facial expression at home before heading off to Australia Post to get the passport photos taken. It can be confusing for a younger child not to smile when they see the camera.

Don’t attempt to get photos during nap time or late afternoon. Try and pick a morning timeslot when everyone is feeling refreshed, including you.

Do grab your passport application forms at the same time from Australia Post.

Don’t stress if you don’t manage to get the photos on the first go; just head back in a few days and try again.




Do purchase a camera for your child before your trip. My girls always pack their cameras and spend the trip snapping away. We love looking back at the photos and talking about the holiday together.

Don’t be camera shy. Prepare to be included in the family holiday snaps. You will always manage to find a random stranger happy to snap a family picture for you.

Do overpack snacks, baby food and toys to keep them entertained on the flight. You don’t want to run out of anything if you happen to get delayed.

Don’t forget to write a list of everything you need to take and tick them off as you pack them.

Do take a travel stroller, baby leash or baby carrier. Airports are busy places with a lot going on at once, knowing where your child is at all times makes it a little easier.

Don’t travel without travel insurance. It’s one of the first things I book along with my flights. Especially when travelling with children, you never know when you will need medical care.

Do involve the kids in the holiday planning process. If your children are old enough, let them research some of the destinations you will be travelling and pick out some places to go.



What’s your best tip when preparing to travel with kids?

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Australia Post is the number one destination for child passport photos. Photos are ready in minutes and it’s easy to organise your passport application during the same visit. To find out more about our passport photo service click here.



  • Getting the kids involved is really important to us, lonely Planet have a great series of books out Not for Parent, they are travel guides for kids. Lots of places covered, ours loved them. We spent some time each night in the month before we departed sharing info about the places we were visiting, everyone had to share a fact that hadn’t been shared before. They learned stuff we didn’t, like the cat sanctuary in the ruins in Rome and were able to appreciate the trip much more.

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