Tips For Managing Jet Lag With Kids

Tips For Managing Jet Lag For Kids

Jet lag isn’t fun for anyone, but some kids get really knocked around by it. There is no quick fix for jet lag when travelling to countries with different time zones. We have been lucky so far when travelling long haul with our kids as they seem to adjust pretty quickly to the new time zone using my tips listed below. Jet lag can make you feel sleepy,  unwell and dizzy and can disturb your sleep. Who wants to feel like that when you arrive at your destination?

Here are my top Tips For Managing Jet Lag With Kids

  • Add extra days to the itinerary to adjust to the different time zone. If we do a long haul flight, I like to add one day to do nothing and recover from the jet lag.
  • Time your flights. I prefer to do an overnight flight if travelling long haul with kids – this allows them to sleep for most of the flight.
  • Arriving at the start of the day will help to change over to the new time zone, rather than arriving at night.
  • Encourage sleep on overnight flights as much as you can, even if it is just a few short naps.
  • Get on to the new time ASAP. As soon as we land, I switch over my clocks to the new time and I start following it straight away.
  • If you or the kids are feeling sleepy, get out and about in the sunshine. The Sun will help your internal clock adjust to the new time zone.
  • Drink lots of water and keep the kids hydrated, it is easy to forget to keep hydrated when flying long haul.
  • Consider a layover and stay a few days to break up the trip and ease into the time zones.
  • Allow the kids to nap only during the day; longer periods of sleep will make it harder for them to fall asleep at night.
  • Try and push out bedtime by going to visit the hotel pool or local park. I find keeping kids busy outdoors can push out bedtime slightly. Hotel pools have been perfect for pushing out bedtime with our children.
  • I haven’t had much experience travelling long haul with small babies, only toddlers, so I don’t have any advice for handling jet lag with babies at this stage.

 Have you got any jet lag tips to share?

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