The past 12 weeks on IsoWhey!

This post is a collaboration with IsoWhey

A few months back, the team over at IsoWhey contacted me and asked if I wanted to work with them and of course, I jumped at the opportunity! I’ve struggled to lose my “baby weight” for the past 5 years and knew this would be the perfect push and product to get me to my goal – and WOW, my result speaks for itself.

At the beginning of the program, I set out some goals for myself and posted them on my blog and Facebook for some accountability, which I think has helped me stick to the program. I also joined the IsoWhey Healthy Mums Facebook group for support and motivation from other mums like myself. Just seeing the results in the group was enough to keep me motivated.



What is IsoWhey?

IsoWhey is a whey protein powder developed to help nourish your body, manage your weight and feel your best. IsoWhey protein powder has 15.0g protein per serving, 23 vitamins and minerals and no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners. You can pick from 6 flavours, but my personal favourites are vanilla and strawberry. For more information, check out the IsoWhey website for healthy recipes, tips and a full guide. I substitute 2 meals a day with IsoWhey shakes (breakfast and lunch) and eat a healthy dinner, along with some fruit for snacks throughout the day.


The First Week

The first few days I really struggled with hunger, but I quickly figured out as the days went on that it was more in my mind and I wasn’t actually hungry. Towards the end of the first week, I was no longer hungry and had adjusted to the program well.  At the end of the first week, I had lost 1.2kgs.


The First Month

The results really started to show only a few weeks into the plan. I was actually shocked at how quickly the weight started to fall off, and I decided to make an effort to go to the gym and do a few classes a week. Once I added exercise into the program, the weight started to come off a little faster and I really felt good. One thing I noticed in the first month was how clear my skin was looking!

The Second Month

During the second month, results started to slow as my body adjusted to both the workload and calorie intake. I had a few friends who decided to jump on the program with me, so it was nice to have some support from them and we really encouraged each other to keep going. I started to mix up my shakes using different flavours, fruits, and smoothie bowls so I didn’t get bored drinking the same shakes twice a day. I managed to lose another 3kgs in the second month.


The Third Month 

With only a few weeks left before I head off to Hawaii, I really wanted to make this last month count. I increased my gym classes each week and took extra care to make sensible food choices and to avoid overeating. Over the past 12 weeks, I managed to lose 6.2kgs! 

Even though I’ve finished the 12 weeks that I committed to IsoWhey, I’m going to continue with the program until I reach my ultimate goal weight, and I think long-term I will still have one for breakfast each morning. I’d love to know if you’ve tried IsoWhey and to hear your results!

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