Oahu, Hawaii – Take 2

Our first stop for 6 nights was the Embassy Suites. First, let me tell you they do nightly FREE cocktails and snacks – now if that’s not enough to make your book, they also have a free daily full buffet-style breakfast! The Embassy Suites is set back a street from the beach, with a 5-minute walk to get to the beach. It’s situated in the central shopping area, and above a heap of family-friendly restaurants. After a few days, we quickly found some shortcuts, good places to eat and tips that came in handy.

On the first few days in Hawaii we were still adjusting to the new time zone, so we stayed close to the resort and explored what was around near us. After a few days, we hired a car (around $150 AUD for the one day) and explored the north shore of Oahu. Wow! That side of the island is gorgeous but busy, so make you sure you leave early so that you can hit up all the famous places before the crowds build. My only wish when visiting Hawaii was to find some turtles, and the North Shore provided us with the opportunity to spot a few of them in the water and sunning on the beach. We stopped at the famous North Shore food trucks to have some garlic shrimp (so good), and the kids shared a massive snow cone that they still talk about.

The Room

Our room had one bedroom with 2 double beds, the main room (lounge room) with a pullout couch and only one bathroom. It was fine for our family as we hardly spent any time at all in the room.

Places to eat

  • There is a Denny’s (a U.S. chain diner-style restaurant) right downstairs. It’s cheap, tastes ok and has an extensive menu (make sure you try the milkshakes).
  • The Cheesecake Factory is a MUST. It’s our absolute favourite place to eat. While it’s not the cheapest, it’s the best quality and the food is amazing! Don’t forget to grab a slice of cheesecake to take back to your hotel.
  • Sunway is located downstairs which was perfect for a quick bite to eat.
  • The Yard House – it can get busy so make sure you go early.


  • The hotel will take you anywhere in their limo for the same price as a taxi, which is pretty fun and an experience for the kids. We jumped in the limo and for $10 went to Walmart, haha! Just see the bell desk who will organise it all for you.
  • The hotel provides both bath towels and beach towels. There is no returns system, and you could grab the beach towels off the trolley from next to the pool.
  • To get to the beach, we cut through Sheraton, which only took 5 minutes and led us straight to the gorgeous Waikiki beach where there are no rocks for the kids. There is also a tap there for you to wash off the sand before cutting back through to the hotel.
  • Bring a power board with you! Most hotels only have 1 or 2 power points, and with a family, it can be tricky to charge everything at once.
  • Hire a car for the day to explore the north side of the island.

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Throughout the 2 weeks in Hawaii, I collaborated with some fantastic brands and resorts in exchange for a media rate or hosted accommodation, but all opinions and views are my own.

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