How to meal plan like a boss + meal planner printable

I’ve received a few emails asking how I meal plan for my family, so I thought I’d do a blog post showing you just how to do it. Last week I shared a post on how I budget and SAVE when doing my weekly groceries, and the number one thing that helps me do that is meal planning!


Why do you meal plan?

I meal plan to save money and time! Before meal planning, I would always be stuck for ideas on what to cook or not having the right ingredients to cook what I wanted. I don’t know how I survived before meal planning; I save so much time being prepared and never have to worry about what’s for dinner.


What are some of your top tips?

Pen to paper

I created a downloadable printable that you can use to plan out your meals for the week. To plan out mine, I like to use a whiteboard that I purchased from Kmart for around $10. You can find that HERE.


Plan meals around items you have in the fridge, freezer and pantry

This is KEY to meal planning and saving money. You don’t want to double up, and it’s a great way to use up supplies before they expire.


Get recipes online from blogs and Pinterest.

Get inspiration and recipes online from blogs (like mine) and Pinterest. I also pick up the free supermarket magazines that come out once a month to get some ideas. You can find some of my past weekly meal plans HERE!


Don’t be afraid to use packet mixes

Not everyone has the time or energy to cook from scratch, so don’t be scared to grab a packet mix and the required ingredients on the back.


Keep it simple

You don’t have to cook Jamie Oliver quality meals every single night! Last night we had bacon and egg muffins with hash browns, which took me under 10 minutes to make and was under $10 for 8 people. Obviously, it’s not something you’d do every night, but it’s perfectly fine to pop these quick and easy meals on your weekly meal plan.


I hope this post helps some of you that don’t meal plan to start and give it a go! If you have any other tips, feel free to share them with me.


You can print my weekly meal planner HERE!


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