Knott’s Berry Farm With Four Kids

After visiting Disneyland just a day prior, we had very high (& very unfair) hopes of Knott’s Berry Farm! I really didn’t expect too much, but I was so pleasantly surprised! I loved this place! It was nice to get away from the hustle and bustle and endless crowds of Disneyland and head to a theme park that still had that a warm and homely farm feel.

Date Of Attendance:

We visited on the 5th November 2016 with our four children ranging in ages from 3 up to 12.

Ages Of Children:

Four kids, ranging in ages from 3 up to 12.


Single Day Online Tickets can be purchased here.
Adult $75.00
Child $45.00 (ages 3 – 11 years)


$18.00 online price.


Park hours depend on season, and you can view the timetable here.


We stayed in Anaheim and took a day from Disneyland to attend. Knott’s Berry Farm does have its own hotel, but I can’t give a review as we didn’t stay there (this time – ha!).

Knott's Berry Farm With Four Kids

I looked up the story behind this beautiful theme park and it was only then that I realised why I loved it so much. Knott’s Berry Farm all started when Walter and Cordelia Knott rented 20 acres of land (which has today become 160 acres). You can read the full history behind Knotts Berry Farm here.

Although it’s no longer the original “farm” it used to be, Knott’s Berry still had that welcoming, gentle touch you could see and feel throughout the park. It is a huge place, so make sure you allow a full day to explore. We had planned to just go for a few hours but ended up staying until 7 pm!! Unforeseen bonuses? We all thoroughly and completely enjoyed our day at Knott’s Berry Farm. There were NO lineups AT ALL! And we got to experience that old world, laid back, homely and warm farm feeling that envelopes you like a big beautiful hug!

Older Kids Favourite Rides:

The Xcelerator was the older kids favourite thrill ride! I can proudly say I watched with my feet firmly on the ground! Their other favourites included the Supreme Scream, Silver Bullet, Sierra Sidewinder and the famous wooden GhostRider roller coaster.

Little Kids Favourite Rides:

The little kids loved Woodstock’s Airmail, Grand Sierra Railroad, Camp Bus and the Balloon Race.

Places To Eat:

Johnny Rockets was on our “must visit” list while in the USA, so this was the perfect opportunity for us to check it out finally! We loved this place! We did pay a little more, which is expected inside a theme park but for a family of 6 to all have meals, we still only spent around $40. There are plenty of places to eat, including the famous Mrs Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant, where Knott’s Berry Farm first started.

Must Do:

We enjoyed the Calico Railroad and the entertainment that happened on board! The kids loved the robbers and had a little joke going with them. If you followed my Instagram story, you would have seen them a little scared at the start – haha.


We seriously loved this place! If you’re in the Los Angelas area, it’s definitely worth a visit with the family!

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