SPRING CLEANING THE EASY WAY + WIN Hoover Vacuum Valued at $599


This is a collaboration with Godfreys and Oh So Busy Mum

I struggle with a lot of things in life, but I’m proud to say housework is no longer one of them! I’ve set up my house and my cleaning schedule to make it as easy as possible. Today I’m sharing what I do to spring clean the easy way and, thanks to Godfreys, I have an excellent Hoover Allergy Powerhead Bagless Vacuum to GIVEAWAY, which is valued at $599!

I’ve been using my Hoover Allergy Powerhead Bagless Vacuum for the past week, and it’s a game changer! The suction is next level! I was shocked at the amount of dirt that came out of my carpet, even right after using my old vacuum. What I love most about it is the self-propelling power head that basically moves along the floor with little effort and the range of attachments for nearly every job — those definitely come in handy. You’re going to want to win this one for sure!


Remove clutter – Do you want to know the best thing about reducing clutter in your home? You will have LESS stuff to clean up! Now, who doesn’t want that? When I started decluttering my own home, I found it difficult to get rid of stuff, but now I don’t know why I held on to all of it for so long. Just a little warning, it’s addictive once you start! I sell what I can on Gumtree and take the remaining items to my local charity store.

Sort and give EVERYTHING a home – Since doing this, I haven’t lost a thing! I know where everything in the house is and where to go when I’m looking for it. This does take a bit of time, but it’s so worth it!

Sort paperwork – Label and use folders to store all the paperwork that you need to keep! Shred anything you no longer need.

Go through the kids’ toys – Donate and get rid of 80% of the kids’ toys. It will be the best thing you’ll do (trust me)! My house doesn’t get messy because there just isn’t anything to mess it up. The kids have a minimal number of toys (only ones they actually play with) and they all have a place to be put away. It takes the kids (or, more likely, me) 5 minutes to pick them all up and chuck them in the toy box.

Clean and sort cupboards – Again, this is somewhere you can get rid of 50% of what you have in your cupboards. Start with the kitchen cupboards and ditch anything you aren’t using, then move on to the bathroom, hallway and bedroom cupboards. I can happily say, since doing this, I have empty shelves.

Your house should now be set up and sorted in a way that it’s EASY to clean. I just stick to the cleaning schedule below to stay on top of it.

One lucky reader will have the chance to WIN their very own Hoover Allergy Powerhead Bagless Vacuum!

It’s AMAZING Key Features:

  • Advanced Self-Propelling power head for deep-cleaning your carpets with minimal effort.
  • Lightweight model for ease of use.
  • Seven premium attachments included for versatile cleaning.
  • Advanced multi-cyclonic bagless technology for efficient suction.
  • Handheld turbo tool included for easily removing pet hair from furniture.
  • Ergonomic handle to easily maneuver the vacuum during cleaning.
  • Full 2-year Hoover warranty.
  • Approved by the National Asthma Council’s Sensitive Choice program.

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