Finding The Right Accommodation For Your Family


Finding The Right Accommodation For Your Family is important when travelling with kids. I spend a lot of time researching family-friendly accommodation that fits our budget, fits our family and has the facilities we need. I like to use online booking sites to compare prices and different types of accommodation.

Before booking your accommodation, make sure you check:

  • How many people does it sleep?
  • How much for any extra children?
  • Does it provide bedding (if booking cabins or holiday houses)?
  • Parking costs per night?
  • Internet charges?
  • What type of payments are accepted?
  • Read online reviews before booking on Trip Advisor.
  • If you are booking with a third-party site, phone the hotel and let them know of any requirements you might have prior to arriving.

Self-Contained Units & Apartments

This is one of the best types of accommodation for families, especially large families like ours. Most units or apartments include a full kitchen, linen, dining table and a washing machine. Having the option to cook meals while on holidays can save a heap of money and, let’s face it, you get sick of eating out at every meal. You do miss out on all that jazz you get from staying at a resort, but I find this type of accommodation more laid back, and its one of our favourite kinds of accommodations for our family.


  • Full kitchens
  • Lots of space including a lounge room
  • In-room laundry facilities
  • Suitable for large families


  • No room service
  • No serviced rooms, which means you can’t get towels or bedding replaced

Hotels & Resorts

Hotels & resorts are an excellent choice, especially if they cater to families. You will find family-friendly resorts all over the world and, if you’re lucky, they will include Amazing Kids Club.


  • 24-hour check-in
  • Information desk on hand to book any tours or ask any questions
  • Kids clubs
  • Room service
  • On-site restaurants for the bigger resorts & hotels


  • Small rooms
  • Hard to find any rooms that suit larger families like ours. With our family of six, we normally have to book two rooms and that becomes expensive.
  • Resorts can be busy in peak season with packed pools and lots of guests
  • No in-room washing facilities

Holiday Houses

Holiday houses are another excellent choice for large families. They are perfect if you want your space and stay in a “home away from home” type accommodation. Most homes will supply everything you need and have full-sized fridges and kitchens.


  • Having your own space
  • Staying somewhere with a home-like feel
  • Great for larger families
  • Full-size kitchen and fridges
  • Lots of beds


  • Linen is not always supplied
  • Houses can be out of the way and away from the “action”
  • No one on hand to answer questions, like an information desk at a hotel or resort
  • Having stairs is not always great with smaller kids unless you travel with a baby gate


Most cabins are self-contained, smaller-sized houses that are mostly within holiday parks. We stay in holiday parks often and I love the atmosphere you find in them. Everyone is so friendly and there is always a bunch of kids willing to play with ours.


  • Cheap option for larger families
  • Holiday parks have lots of activities for kids
  • Friendly guests and lots of other children
  • Some cabins are self-contained
  • Easy access without the need for lifts or reception entry


  • Cabins can be small
  • Some cabins require you to bring your linen
  • Most cabins aren’t serviced until you checkout
  • No room service


I couldn’t leave this one out of finding family friendly accommodation. I must say we don’t often go camping, mainly because with a family of six, it takes a massive amount of planning and organisation.


  • Fun for the kids
  • Budget-friendly for large families
  • Great facilities
  • Family-friendly
  • Getting out in nature
  • Sitting around a campfire
  • Fewer rules


  • Having to pack everything
  • Campsites can be out of the way
  • Not knowing what you are doing if you haven’t had much camping experience
  • Having to plan everything prior to leaving like food, lighting, bedding, etc.
  • Shared toilets. This can be hard for families with young kids having to walk to the bathroom during the night
  • The weather can change at any time, and you run the risk of camping in the rain

Whats your favourite type of accommodation?

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