Family Movie Night


If you want to come together as a family and do something fun this weekend, I’ve got you covered! How about kicking the weekend off with a movie night the whole family can enjoy!? I have four kids ranging from toddlers to teens, so it’s often tricky coming together as a family and being able to do something that we ALL enjoy. Well, I have nailed it with these family movie nights! No complaints from the youngest or older children and everyone loved it! Thanks Fetch for bringing my family together by supplying us with the best family entertainment available!

Let’s do this!

Pick a movie as a family ~ We typically go with a Disney movie because you can’t go wrong with classic Disney! Make sure you choose a movie that will suit the whole family.

Grab the snacks ~ Popcorn, drinks, sweets and doughnuts should keep you sorted for the entire night! I know, sugar overload! But it’s a treat, and it’s not something we do every night.

Get comfy ~ With this cooler weather; I like to grab the mattresses off the single beds and camp out in the lounge for the evening with a heap of blankets. Mega Bonus! You won’t need to carry the kids to bed if they happen to fall asleep after the sugar high!

Settle in and watch your movie ~ ENJOY! You won’t have trouble finding a movie with Fetch, I promise you!



I was beyond excited to receive an email about working with Fetch! Why? Because I had already signed up to Fetch a few months back and we were already loving it! Fetch is a convenient and well-priced service that provides entertainment for the whole family, from only $10 a month! The fetch box is user (and kid) friendly with a remote that allows you to switch between different entertainment so conveniently and so easily. Now, if you require Fetch in more rooms, you can connect up to 3 boxes on the one account. The boxes come with storage to record, rewind and store your favourite entertainment.

Sounds cool, right? It is!


Free To Air

You can enjoy free-to-air TV your way, with the ability to rewind and even pause LIVE television!  Missed your favourite show? Don’t panic! With Fetch you can set up recordings for up to 6 shows at once while watching a 7th. Oh, and they have a handy little mobile app so you can record on the go. If all that is not enough, there are all the Catch-Up TV apps, including Plus7, tenplay, SBS on Demand, ABC iView, Now and more!

Entertainment on demand

TV STORE – Buy individual episodes or seasons from over 100 favourite tv shows.

MOVIESTORE – Rent or buy the latest movie titles on demand. You can choose from over 6000 movies to suit the whole family!

MOVIE BOX –  Each month, you can pay $1 to access the movie box.

Premium Entertainment

There are four family sized channels packs available, all at just $6 each per month or get them ALL in the Ultimate Pack for only $20 a month! The Ultimate Pack is what we chose!

Netflix and Stan

Yeah baby! Access these quickly using the Fetch box with your Netflix or Stan subscriptions. There is no need to use a separate remote or change settings on the TV to access them either! You can simply use your Fetch remote for all Netflix and Stan functions.


Now all you need to do is fetch your family (sorry, I couldn’t resist!) and enjoy your very own family movie night!



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