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My teenage daughter and I were invited to Sydney to meet the cast and crew of Dance Academy on set! If you have a preteen or teen, you may already be aware of the hugely popular Dance Academy television series that’s been aired on ABC3 for the past 3 seasons. The television series follows young people pursuing their love for dance and are on the journey to realising their dreams. The really exciting news now is that they have turned the already successful television series into the feature film Dance Academy! The movie is released in Australia on April 6, 2017, and the film will continue to follow the same values as the series, touching on important subjects while upholding truly positive messages for teenagers.


We set off from Brisbane airport en route to Sydney on the very first flight of the day (flying at that time of the morning should be illegal, just saying – ha!). We arrived on set at the spectacular Opera House ready for an exciting day ahead, meeting the cast members and checking out all the ‘behind the scenes’ action. I’ve never been on a movie set before, so I was interested to see how it all works and what goes into creating each scene. We were first greeted by Thomas Lacey, who plays Ben, he showed us around the set and shared some movies details with us that are still ‘officially under wraps’ so I have been sworn to secrecy!

I truly had no idea how much actually goes on behind the scenes of a film set! We were able to spend time chatting and taking photos with Dena Kaplan who plays Abigail, and Xenia Goodwin who plays Tara in the movie (which was quite thrilling for my daughter!). We then enjoyed a gorgeous lunch in the Sydney botanical gardens with the cast and crew of Dance Academy. I was so thrilled my daughter was able to have had this terrific experience. She met such positive young role models and was absolutely fascinated by the filming process and each cast member’s personal desire to reach their own goals. My daughter was already a fan of the Dance Academy television series prior to this day and now cannot wait for the film to be released next year!


Dance Academy is a film that parents can enjoy watching with their children or teenagers and will be an excellent way of gently approaching the all-important conversations we must have with our pre-teens and teens, centred around building confidence, promoting positive self-image and building self-esteem. You don’t have to have watched the series to understand or enjoy the film. Dance Academy will touch on the ever important subjects of gender equality, building resilience through hardships and reaching your goals and ambitions, just to name a few.

If you have children aged 10-18, I highly recommend you make a date with them to go and see this film together when it’s released on April 6th! It has so many powerful and positive messages for young people, particularly young women, and really does open the door to so many important conversations we should and must have when we’re in the midst of (hopefully) raising resilient, empowered, positive and determined children!


I can’t thank everyone we encountered that day enough for the incredible experience we had on set and with each member of the cast. I look forward to watching the movie with my girls when it’s released. The excitement is building in our household! The incredible takeaway for me was seeing how the passion, determination and positivity of other young people is utterly contagious! My daughter now has a fire in her belly to reach for the stars and achieve her every dream! As a Mum raising girls, this experience was truly a pure joy.

Do your pre-teens or teens watch the Dance Academy television series?

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