I have a confession to make and it involves a dishwasher!

Ok, I have a confession to make and it involves a dishwasher. Now, let’s be honest – am I the only mum in Australia that didn’t have a dishwasher? Yes, all these years I’ve been struggling without one and, with my kids using 100+ plates and cups a day, it’s a struggle to keep up by handwashing. Well, no more handwashing dishes for me, because the incredible team over at LG hooked me up THE BRAND-NEW LG QUADWASH dishwasher.

OMG! I’ve really been missing out. Did I mention my kids use 101 plates and cups a day? The QuadWashwashes better than I do, it’s super quiet and has a smart 4 spray arm mechanism that rotates back and forth to get those hard-to-reach spots. Once again, LG has families in mind – the capacity for the dishwasher can hold 15 place settings and the minimalist-designed buttons are hidden away from little fingers.

LG really has EVERYTHING covered with this dishwasher. You can check out all the good stuff below!

TrueSteam– The LG QuadWash has a secret weapon and it’s called TrueSteam. It offers maximum steam coverage to give you 60% fewer water spots for the most sparkling clean dishes.

Inverter Direct Drive Motor– LG includes at 10-year warranty on your dishwasher’s Direct Drive Motor because, with fewer moving parts, it operates more efficiently.

SmartThinQ®– The SmartThinQ™ technology can download new wash cycles, diagnose problems and even send notifications to your smartphone (how awesome is that?).

Adjustable 3rd Rack -The height adjustable 3rd rack gives you more space and flexibility to fit everything from flatware to espresso cups.

Dual Zone Wash– You can gently clean delicate dishes while power washing pots and pans with the dual washing option, which features a bottom spray arm mechanism with four rotating blades, two of which incorporate an oscillating nozzle to deliver jets of water at every angle.

Sleek Modern Design– The elegant exterior design will match any kitchen design.

The LG QuadWash retails for $1499, but if you do some searching, you may be able to pick it up for a little cheaper or even on sale. LG is quite the team and only a few months ago sent me the NEW 18.5kg TWINWash, and for a big family like mine, it’s been amazing. I can do 3 big loads a week and no longer have 2 a day to do. You can read more about that here! I feel like I now have the complete team working together to make life that much easier for me. If you want to know anything else about the QuadWash or TwinWash, feel free to ask me.

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