Christmas Meal Planning on a budget {PLUS Meal Planner Printable}


This post is a collaboration with Woolworths and Oh So Busy Mum

Let me start by saying I LOVE this time of year! Mainly because I can eat all my favourite foods all on the same day and it’s totally acceptable. Along with eating all the tasty food, I love planning everything for Christmas ahead of time. Each year, I host our family’s Christmas lunch on Boxing Day, and over the years of planning it, I’ve come up with a few ways to save money and stick to a budget, so I thought it would be the perfect time to share these with you.

My Budget Tips!

  • Plan ahead! Write a list of all the meals you are planning on making. Woolworths has a free magazine called FRESH     that is full of great Christmas recipes if you need some inspiration. Pinterest is another fantastic place to search for recipes.
  • Check weekly specials in the weeks leading up to Christmas and buy as many non-perishable items when you can. It’s much easier to buy things over time (and cheaper on sale!) than a big bulk shop at the last minute.
  • Buy frozen items each week when they are on special.
  • Stock up on baking staples when on sale, like nuts, chocolate chips, condensed milk, custard and crackers.
  • Don’t be afraid to use up all the leftovers in the days after Christmas. There are some great recipes online for using up the leftover ham. If you have a lot and don’t think you will eat it over the days following Christmas, freeze what you can.
  • If you are hosting a family Christmas party, ask everyone to bring a plate of food. It’s a great idea to create a bulk email with a list of everyone attending and get them to add a food to bring to the list. This saves people from doubling up, and it also allows you to plan meals.
  • Buy supermarket vouchers throughout the year to use on your Christmas shopping. Most gift cards have a year+ expiry, which makes them perfect to save up for Christmas time.
  • Download my printable at the bottom of this post to help you plan out your Christmas meals.

I thought I’d give you a little sneak peek at what’s on my menu this year! It makes me hungry just typing it out! haha





  •        Pavlova
  •        Jelly Cups (for kids)
  •        Trifle
  •        Rum Balls

Are you hosting a Christmas get-together this year? I have created this Christmas Meal Planner printable to help you plan out your Christmas meals.


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