The best kids Christmas present EVER!

A few months ago, I saw this amazing swing set on my Facebook feed and knew immediately that my kids would LOVE it. I put a post up on my Facebook page asking if anyone had the Vuly 360 swing set and what they thought of it, and so many of you commented how fantastic it was and highly recommended it. I thought it would make the best Christmas present for my kids and loved how it would also suit my older children. When you have teens as well as young kids, there aren’t too many things that are suitable for all ages, but the Vuly swing set was perfect!

I decided to reach out to Vuly team to see if they wanted to collaborate with me and to my surprise, they said YES! The great thing about the Vuly Swing Set is that it’s fully customisable and has a heap of different configurations and accessories. We opted for the large size because, with 4 kids, I knew there would be fights over the swings if we got any smaller.


The best kids Christmas present EVER!

There are currently 4 swing attachments to pick from, with more coming soon (can’t wait). I let the kids pick which swings they wanted, and they chose the 360° swing, the net swing, and the yoga swing (my favourite). One thing that is noticeably different from a regular swing set is how strong and large the Vuly is. It also has a decent weight limit per swing, so I can lay in the yoga swing (when the kids let me) like a hammock and relax while I watch the kids outside. Now, because my kids already got the swing set that I had planned to get it for them for Christmas, I’m going to buy them some accessories instead, like the basketball hoop, water mister, and a few more swings to switch it up.

The best kids Christmas present EVER!

Since getting the Vuly swing set, my kids spend so much more time outside and our backyard has become the hangout place for the neighbourhood kids – they love the Vuly swing set as much as my kids do! The house favourite is the 360º swing set attachment, which is like a skateboard attached with handles that the kids can sing, twist and swoop back and forth on (you won’t find a swing like it anywhere else).

The Vuly swing set ranges in price depending on the size and what swings you select. Head over to the Vuly website HERE and check out the pricing of the configuration you want. If you’re in Brisbane, I recommend you head down to the showroom to check out the full Vuly range. In addition to these swing sets, they also have a huge range of trampolines that the kids (big kids too!) can test out. I want to thank Vuly for allowing me to collaborate with them! I’ll make sure I share when they have specials or deals over on my socials for you so you don’t miss out.

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