Nice to see you here!

I’m Cheree, but you probably know me best as the Oh So Busy Mum. I’m a busy mum to four girls aged 16, 15, 9 and 7. I live in the beautiful and sunny state of Queensland in Australia, where we are blessed with warm weather most of the year.

Around 7 years ago, I started the Lunchbox Ideas Facebook group, which quickly grew to over 100,000 members. Following on from the success of this group, I started a few more Facebook groups, and my community of group members grew rapidly.

I officially launched Oh So Busy Mum in 2014, after much encouragement from my group members. Just like my Facebook groups, Oh So Busy Mum grew quickly and I soon had over 150,000 loyal followers on my social media pages.

My pages are not just about the pristine and curated feeds you might expect to see on social media. Instead, you will find honest, real and practical tips and topics to make the motherhood journey easier.

On my blog you’ll find:



A few times a year, I travel with my family of six. When we’re not travelling, I’m planning our next adventure! One of my favourite destinations is the big USA, where I’m on a mission to explore each state. We also love exploring the gorgeous destinations here in Australia and sharing our local experiences.


Life is hectic enough, so I try and keep my cooking and baking as easy as possible. On the blog, you’ll find my tried and tested recipes that are all budget and family-friendly. A new addition to the blog is my epic food platters which are incredibly popular on social media.


It’s all about keeping it real around here! I touch on some personal topics and share all the ups and downs of being a mum and family life.


I’m in the process of the endless house renovations as we slowly update our family home. When I say it’s never ending, it’s never-ending!


My love of Disney runs deep, some would say obsessive! I’m so happy to have an audience of fellow Disney lovers here. You’ll find a whole section of Disney travel and topics on the blog. I also started Oh So Disney Mum pages on Instagram and Facebook, so I can share nothing but Disney on them.


With Facebook group members combining a total of over 350,000, here are my top Facebook groups. You will be bound to find some likeminded mums sharing tips and wisdom on your favourite topics.

Lunchbox Ideas Australia

Home Decorating Mums

Family Travel Addicts

Disney Mums and Dads

Thank you for stopping by and letting me share my Oh So Busy Mum journey. I would love to hear about you too and see you in a group soon.