This post was created in collaboration with Westpac, who is proud to offer Mathspace Essentials free for all Australians

You might be surprised by how often the younger generation need to use maths in their everyday lives. Even more surprising is how far Australia is slipping behind in numeracy standards compared to other countries. I know both of my older children have always struggled with maths and the real truth is, so do I! As their mum, I really struggle to find ways to help them complete math tasks in a way that we can all fully understand. So when I heard about Mathspace, I knew I had to check it out and I signed them up straight away!

Fun facts!

  • 49% of parents are concerned their lack of maths skills will have a negative impact on their children (Westpac Numeracy Study, 2017).
  • 25%of Australian parents would not be comfortable helping a child complete maths at a high school level (Westpac Numeracy Study, 2017).
  • Financial literacy is integral to the well-being of Australians. Financially literate people are more likely to make better financial decisions and they increase their likelihood of achieving their financial goals.
  • In NSW, the number of students doing no maths in year 12 exams has tripled in the past ten years.
  • Australians who are confident in maths are more likely to be satisfied with their career (50%) and life overall (63%) compared to those who are not (31% and 50%) (Westpac Numeracy Study, 2017).

 So what is it?

Mathspace Essentials is an impressive online maths program provided FREE, thanks to Westpac and is easily accessible on any device across Australia and used by both primary and secondary school students from years 3 – 12. I know and understand that for my own children, they seem to learn better, retain more information and understand things far more quickly with interactive learning and THAT, is exactly what this program provides. Mathspace is on a mission to fix Australia’s maths education crisis and this award winning program is precisely what students need to boost their maths skills.

How much is it?

Mathspace Essentials is FREE thanks to Westpac. 

How to get started?

  • Sign up HERE!
  • Create your free account
  • Select your state, territory and curriculum
  • Sign in and start learning!

How does it work?

Mathspace Essentials is an online interactive version of a maths textbook. Students can immerse themselves in literally thousands of interactive maths questions, covered in the Australian Curriculum. Refresh on any maths topic you like and see mathematical concepts brought to life with interactive videos.

My older girls have spent quite a bit of time over the last week completing various exercises. As a Mum, I’m really looking forward to seeing the continued improvement as their understanding and skill levels increase. Their confidence is already climbing daily with the regular use of Mathspace!

I would love to hear what you think of Maths and Mathspace! Are your children struggling with maths at school?

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