8 Back to School Tips!

So you have a child starting school this week?  Or maybe they started last week and you’re feeling overwhelmed?  I’m a 4th time school mum, yes I’ve been through this process 4 times.  Which means, although I may not be perfect, that I’ve learnt some good things that I want to pass on to you!

Here are my top 8 back to school tips.

Organisation gets you out the door quicker.  You can see how I organise my kids here, making getting out the door quicker and easier.  If everything is in its place, then getting ready to go is much simpler for the kids!  You don’t have to do the same setup, but this post should give you ideas to get you started.

If you haven’t chosen a lunchbox yet, then get reading!  I’ve reviewed ten of the best, so check them out if you aren’t happy with what you’ve got!

Lunches lunches lunches!  Did you know that you will pack approximately 1200 of them per child throughout their schooling?  Here’s my tips for packing school lunches that will have you wondering…why didn’t I think of that before?

And while we are on the topic of lunches, if you’re packing sandwiches, then I’ve got you covered with an awesome list of sandwich fillers!

Use your freezer to help you with being ready for school!  You won’t believe you can freeze these things and you’ll be so organised once you know!

Struggling with helping with homework?  If maths is one of the tricky ones, then you should check out how we have been making it easier.  This program is bound to help with all your maths worries.

Reading is such an important part of life outside and inside school, so if your kids don’t love it, then I’ve got ways to encourage it for you.  Sometimes it’s just the simplest of little tricks!

Last but not least, check out my lunchbox recipes for stuff you can bake/make this weekend to make sure your week goes more smoothly.

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