7 Reasons Why I LOVE My New LG TWINWash



This post is a collaboration with LG and Oh So Busy Mum

I have a new machine, and she’s a beauty! See you later “tiny” 10kg washing machine! I now have the new LG TWINWash™, which is two washing machines in one to total a massive 18.5kg capacity. The top is an impressive 16kg front load washer, with a 2.5kg TWINWash™ Mini Washer down at the bottom. Both machines run separately, so you can have them running at the same time or just use one.

Want to know why I love this machine so much? You can read my 7 reasons below!



The LG TWINWash™ is an impressive 18.5kg. The top front-loading machine is 16kg, and the bottom mini washer is a handy 2.5kg, which makes it perfect for big families like mine.



It’s a Dryer too

I know I can pop in a load of washing, set it to dry and come back to clean, dry laundry in a few hours.



The Mini Washer

I love having the option to use the smaller slide-out washing machine for light or small loads. With all of the kids in school, sometimes there’s a uniform missed; so now I have the option to pop them into the mini washer.



The Range of Wash Cycles

There is a wash cycle for everything! The range includes cotton, baby care, speed wash, dry, bedding, sportswear, wool, hygiene, cold, allergy care and refresh.



I can wash any size quilt

No more lugging my large quilts to the local laundry mat to wash them! All my quilts now fit in the 16kg top loader, and it even has a quilt cycle to make sure it’s completely washed and cleaned.



Steam Cycles

This washer comes with the ability to attack stains with True Steam®, which fluffs up fabric fibres to allow steam to clean on a microscopic level. I find myself using the steam cycle quite a bit.



It’s easy to use

It’s very user-friendly, with the option to use LG’s Smart THINQ™ app for remote start and monitoring.

Sounds amazing, right? It is – and this is just the tip of the iceberg with this machine! If you want to know my secret weapon for removing stains, check out this post! Thank you to the lovely Whispersofawildflower on Instagram for allowing me to share her gorgeous images of the machine.

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  • HI
    Just checking in to see if you still love this big lg twin washer?? Could you please tell me how long roughly your everyday normal cycle would take? Do clothes come out Lint free and as brights as they went in also? Does it have a heavy duty cycle?
    Last question is there anything you don’t like about it?
    Feel free to email me directly the answers or post on here..
    Thanks heaps

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