5 Backdrops For The Perfect Flat Lay Photo

Whether you’re a small business owner or just an Instagram addict, you’ll want to learn how to take some kick arse photos for your Instagram account. Over the past few years, I’ve been playing around with some little tricks to transform my photos simply by using a cheap backdrop. All of these backdrops listed can be purchased easily and come in at under $10 each! Below you’ll find 5 of my favourite Flat Lay Backdrop Ideas that I use for Instagram and blog photos.

Flat Lay Backdrop Ideas - Oh So Busy Mum


Foam Board

It’s cheap (around $5-10), looks great and is available in a few different sizes from your local Officeworks store. This type of foam is best for product flat lays, but not food since it stains easily and can’t be cleaned.

Flat Lay Backdrop Ideas - Oh So Busy Mum


Masonite Whitecote Board 

I have a few different sizes of this board and I’d have to say it’s my most used backdrop! You can use it for food as it easily wipes clean and doesn’t stain. Also, you can get them in small or large sizes. You’ll find them at Bunnings in the trade section along with all the wood.

Flat Lay Backdrop Ideas - Oh So Busy Mum


Marble Contact

Kmart sells this marble contact for only $3 for a roll, or you can find it on eBay for slightly more. I’ve stuck a piece on one of the masonite boards and use it that way, but you could just roll a piece out on the floor and roll it up again when finished. I’m stalking Kmart hoping they bring out some more designs!

Flat Lay Backgrounds - Oh So Busy Mum


Coloured Cardboard

It’s cheap, easy to buy and you can basically get your hands on any colour. Cardboard is best for product flat lays but not food. I find the food soaks in and you can see it in the photos. You can find coloured cardboard at Kmart, an art store or your local news agency.

Flat Lay Backdrop Ideas - Oh So Busy Mum



You don’t have to go out and buy fabric! Look around your house and use things you already have, like bedspreads, tea towels or even a floor rug. The great thing about fabric is it can be washed and used again, so it could be used for food or product flat lays.

I hope to do some more of these 5 series posts soon, so let me know what you’d like to know! I’m happy to share my knowledge with you.

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