20 Sandwich Fillings for the Lunch Box

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I am sadly one of ‘those’ Mums with a house full of very fussy eaters! My kids are so picky, that they flat-out refuse to eat brown bread. I don’t really have grounds to be too annoyed by their refusals either, because I’m not a brown bread fan myself!

So, given that our first preference is always going to be white bread, I strive to choose a loaf packed with the “good stuff”.

I was super impressed to discover that the new Tip Top® Extra Protein makes it easier to add more protein AND fibre to our diets! Wallah! SOLD!

Did you know?

  • One serving of Tip Top® Extra Protein is high in fibre and includes 20% of your daily protein needs**
  • It’s a white bread with 75% more protein*
  • It has no added sugar, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
  • It tastes great, with no difference in taste or flavour from other white bread
  • Tip Top® Extra Protein is a versatile and obvious choice for the whole family!

*Compared to Tip Top® Sunblest® White Bread which contains 8.4g of protein per 100g

**Based on an average adult diet of 8700kJ


With school holidays over, the chaotic morning ritual of packing lunch boxes is back in full swing and the obvious and most important item that goes in there each day, is a sandwich!

Sandwiches fill my kids up as well as give them the necessary energy to fuel their long and busy days. I make sure I rotate sandwich fillings regularly so the kids don’t get too bored, and we do have to avoid any nut fillings, as our school is a ‘nut free zone’- so you won’t find Peanut Butter or Nutella on our list.

I have included 20 sandwich fillings that are always popular and are definite lunch box favourites for my kids. You’ll see some golden oldies on the list, like honey and Vegemite, and I’ve also included some fillings you may not have seen before, like using tasty dips as spreads.


Our 20 Favourite Sandwich Fillings

ONE// Vegemite

TWO// Ham & Cheese

THREE// Tuna & Mayonnaise

FOUR// Egg & Lettuce




SEVEN// Vegemite & Cheese

EIGHT// Corned Beef & Sandwich Pickles


NINE// Ham, Mustard & Cheese

TEN// French Onion Dip

ELEVEN// Chicken & Salad

TWELVE// Banana & Honey


THIRTEEN// Roast Beef & Salad

FOURTEEN// Chicken & Avocado

FIFTEEN// Ham, Cheese & Tomato

SIXTEEN// Plain Honey


SEVENTEEN// Devon & Sauce

EIGHTEEN// Ham & Salad

NINETEEN// Chicken & Mayo

TWENTY// Chicken & Lettuce


What’s your child’s favourite sandwich filling?


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  • I know where to come to when my mind goes totally blank. I always got my older boys to make their own school lunches once they hit high school. It was Vegemite and more Vegemite and nothing else. So occasionally I’d give them an alternative, but even then ran out of ideas. No more!

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