10 tips to have your fridge looking fresher than ever!

This post is a collaboration with Woolworths

Reusable containers all the way! It makes the fridge look neat, keeps everything in the right place and they are easy to take out and wash if needed. Woolworths regularly have sales on containers, so I usually grab a few each time.

Store your meat on a tray to stop meat juices leaking through your fridge and on to other food. Make sure your raw meat is always stored on the bottom shelf.

Use a turntable for jars and sauces that don’t fit in the door shelf. This makes them easily accessible and keeps them all in one spot.

Label it! I like to use washi tape and a sharpie to label my containers to help keep it all organised.

Get your food out of the packaging and into clear containers. This will allow you to see what you have in the fridge, save on food wastage and prolong the life of your fresh food.

Give the fridge a quick wipe out on shopping day, so it’s all clean and fresh to add your new groceries.

Rotate older food from the back to the front, so it can be used first.

Use baskets! I have décor branded ones from Woolworths with little handles, so on shopping day I can take them out and load them up quickly on the bench.

Pinterest it! If you’re looking for some fridge organisation inspo, search on Pinterest.

Check out Woolworths Food Savers for a series of clever tips designed to help you waste less and save more!

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