10 tips for super clean washing every single time!


This post is a collaboration with LG and Oh So Busy Mum

I’m one of those strange mums that LOVES washing clothes. Yep, I enjoy it! So imagine how excited I was when LG contacted me to review their new TWINWash™ dual washing machine. When I saw the machine was being released in Australia, I knew I had to have it, and now all my washing machine dreams have come true! I now have an 18.5kg washing machine for my family of 6, which makes my life with a big family so much easier.

10 tips for super clean washing every single time!

Why I love it!

  • I can wash 15 towels at once. Yes, you read that right, 15!
  • I can do one load every 3-4 days, whereas before I was doing one a day.
  • I can put the machine on and come back in 4 hours to DRY, clean laundry.
  • I can wash TWO loads at once, which is super handy when I have a smaller load of whites to do at the same time.

What makes the LG TWINWash™ so special?

  • It’s two washing machines in one, totalling a massive 18.5kg capacity. The top is an impressive 16kg with a 2.5kg TWINWash™ Mini Washer down at the bottom. Both machines run separately, so you can have them running at the same time or just use one.
  • You can pause and add an item easily.
  • The option to attack satins with True Steam®, which fluffs up fabric fibres to allow steam to clean on a microscopic level.
  • Remotely start and monitor your wash cycle with the use of the LG Smart THINQ™ app.
  • The use of Turbo Clean® for a quick wash time by reducing the number of rinse cycles.
  • It’s a dryer too, with a 9kg dryer capacity.

10 tips for super clean washing every single time!


Now, on to my 10 tips for super clean laundry every single time!


Separate Colours

Whatever you do, don’t wash dark with lights! The colours will run, and you’ll turn your white clothes grey pretty quickly.



Use Less Detergent

Whatever the recommended amount is on the washing detergent bottle, HALVE it. It’s simply not needed to clean the clothes and, if anything, it will build up on your clothes and make stain removal harder.



Use stain remover sprays

My favourite is the Aldi branded one. It’s cheap and works magic on stains. Sometimes with stubborn stains I need to give it a double shot, but there haven’t been too many stains it hasn’t work on.



Sun, sun and more sun

Sun is one of the best natural stain removers out there. It’s great for whites and stained clothing and works like a natural bleach and does wonders for fading and bleaching stains.



Keep your washing machine clean

When your washing machine has a build-up of fabric softener or detergent, it doesn’t clean your clothes properly. Read your washing machine manual on how to do a tub clean and remove built up detergent. I use vinegar in mine, but all manufacturers recommend something different, so it’s best to check.



Don’t be afraid to use a prewash for extra dirty and stained clothing

You can buy liquid prewash that is added to the prewash cycle before your main cycle. It gives clothes that extra boost they sometimes need to remove stubborn stains during the wash cycle. It’s great for sportswear or extra dirty clothes.



Soak stains immediately  

The best way to remove a stain is when it is still fresh. As soon as I spot a stain, I spray with the Aldi stain remover and rinse it off. Now that I have the 2.5kg TWIN Wash ™ Mini, I can do a wash right away so that the stain doesn’t have time to set in.



Don’t overfill your washing machine

One of the biggest mistakes when washing is overfilling it! Clothes don’t get the movement needed for a clean wash when the machine is overfilled.



Separate fabrics

A big one is washing towels with clothes or other fabrics that have high lint. Try to keep cottons with cottons, and wash towels separately.



Use bleach in wash cycle for whites

Add bleach to the wash once the water and detergent have been added. Don’t add too much or it could stain your clothes. A capful or two is plenty to brighten and whiten those whites to a crisp white.


I hope these tips help you to get your clothes super clean!

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