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One question I get asked all the time is what items I pack when travelling with kids. Well, here they are; My 10 Travel Essentials When Travelling With Kids.


Kids Scooters

A few months back, I asked on my Facebook page what scooters they would recommend for my children, and I had an overwhelming response recommending Micro scooters. I knew then I had found what I was looking for and picked out a suitable scooter for each of my four children.

Miss 4 has the Mini Micro, Miss 5 has the Sprite, Miss 11 also has the sprite and miss 12 has the Speed+.

We took the scooters on our recent trip to the Whitsundays and you can read all about that trip HERE! Right now Micro Scooters have a massive 30% off Mini Micro Classics so make sure you get in QUICK before they sell out!

Power Board

This one seems like a no-brainer, but I’m surprised at how many people forget the power board! I plug all my chargers into mine so they are ready to go at my destination and we don’t forget or lose any. Having a power board makes it so much easier to charge all the devices in the one area and saves you trying to hunt down multiple power points in hotel rooms.

Medical Kit

I have one dedicated to travelling overseas and I have one for travelling locally in Australia. My overseas medical kit includes all of our medication, as some of this simply can’t be purchased abroad and of course, everyday things like kids Panadol, gastro stop and essential first aid items.

Camera Gear

I now have quite the collection of camera gear that comes along with us for each trip. I have a dedicated camera bag where I make sure I bring charged up batteries and my chargers. We want to capture every memory we can!

Travel Blanket

I’ve found my kids sleep better with a comfort item from home and for my children it’s their travel blankets. I have cheap bunny blankets from Kmart that fold up to a small compact size which makes them much easier to carry with us.


Is there anything a snack won’t fix? I always have a snack on hand for hungry kids. I find it helps any tummy grumblings in transit and is a lifesaver when we encounter any delays.

Travel Insurance

I  won’t go anywhere without travel insurance. Even when travelling within Australia, I make sure the whole family is covered. Because we travel so frequently, I purchase yearly cover for the whole family, which was around $600 for a family of 6.

Empty Waterbottles

The kids have their own water bottle we keep just for travelling. We empty them if we need to take any flights and fill them with drinking water once we arrive at the destination. The kids have the Nike branded drink bottles and I’d have to say they are the best-branded bottles we have owned. They are leak-proof which make them perfect for younger kids to drink from too.


This one’s a no brainer! My kids ALWAYS travel with their IPads. I download movies and appropriate apps before each of our trips to keep the kids occupied and engaged when travelling.


Headphones are a must for myself and the kids! I purchased cheap $10,00 ones for the kids from Kmart 2 years ago and they are still going strong.


I would LOVE to hear the list of essentials you ALWAYS travel with?

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