10 Reasons why you should shop at Costco Australia

I thought this would be the perfect time to put together 10 reasons why you should shop at Costco Australia!



Buying in Bulk

Costco is well known as being a bulk warehouse. You can expect to buy things at least twice the size that you can purchase from your everyday supermarket. It’s absolutely perfect for bigger families like mine that would normally have to do more frequent shops.


Good Quality Products

Costco has its own brand called Kirkland, and they have a wide range of fantastic products at great prices. I prefer Kirkland products over the big chain supermarket brands. You can also find a lot of the major brands there, like Dyson, Kitchen Aid and Apple.



Not only are you buying in bulk, but I find Costco’s pricing to be generally lower than any other supermarket’s everyday price. It’s not always the cheapest when things are on sale at the regular supermarket though, so make sure you check this and plan out your shopping trip first.


Returns policy

Did you know you can return items to Costco at any time? Costco has the most amazing and flexible returns policy. If you aren’t satisfied with the products you buy at Costco, you can return them for a full refund. Additionally, if a Costco membership isn’t what you thought it would be, they will refund your membership fee in full.



Special sales (coupons)

Every few weeks, Costco releases coupons that lists a select number of items “on sale” for a limited amount of time. You don’t need to print the coupons; the price will automatically be reduced at the checkout.


Cheap petrol

Costco fuel is set at a slightly lower price than other gas stations, so time your shopping trip for filling up your tank at the same time. Just remember you need to swipe your membership card and pay using your bank card.


Cakes and platters

If you’re hosting a party or need a cheap birthday cake, Costco is the place to buy all your food and party goods. Costco cake slabs are not only tasty, but they are pretty cheap at $28, and they feed 48 people. You can buy some great disposable partyware at Costco too!


The Toilet Paper

I’m not lying when I say Costco Kirkland toilet paper is the best in price and quality! Try it for yourself and tell me if you agree. I’ve been known to just go to Costco to stock up on toilet paper.


Fresh Produce

A lot of the fresh produce available at Costco is grown in Australia. I now buy all my meat from Costco because of the quality and price. The mince is the best I’ve ever had and has the least amount of fat to it once cooked. I’ve also found Costco to be one of the cheapest places to buy eggs and milk.


Cheap Bulk Wholefoods

You might be surprised to learn that Costco actually sells whole foods. They sell a great variety at really good prices – much cheaper than you can get elsewhere. I like to stock up on coconut oil, quinoa and maple syrup.


I’d love to know why you like to shop at Costco Australia!

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