10 Healthier Food Swaps {plus tips for fussy eaters}


This post is a collaboration with Woolworths

This spring, Woolworths is on a mission to help families make easy,  healthier decisions! They have reduced sugar, salt and saturated fat across their range of food featuring the little green W, without compromising on taste. Next time you’re at Woolies, keep an eye out for the handy signs they have in grocery aisles with tips on adding fresh ingredients where you might not have thought to include before.



Now, hands up if you have fussy eaters in the house (my hand is up)! As a mum of 4 kids, I understand the struggle you face when trying to introduce new or healthier foods into your family’s diet. With 2 extremely fussy eaters, I have to be creative (and sneaky), like pureeing vegetables and adding them to spaghetti, mixing mashed vegetables in with mash potatoes and making some simple, but easy, healthy food swaps.

Below you’ll find some of the things that have worked with my fussy eaters – and I hope they’ll work for you.

Hide it – Pureeing vegetables and hiding in spaghetti or pasta bakes can be an easy way to add some extra vegetables into your kids’ diets.

Get the kids involved  – Allowing kids to help create and make their own meals can be a great way to get them to try new foods.

Keep it simple – Select some of the easy, healthy food swaps that I have listed below.

Make smoothies– Smoothies are a delicious way to include different fruits or vegetables.

Don’t give up – It can be frustrating when you have fussy kids that aren’t willing to try anything new. Don’t give up! Keep at it and keep offering different foods.


The team over at Woolworths asked if I could share some of my healthy and easy food swaps with you, so I put together my favourites below. Remember, pre-prepared foods and meals can be an even easier and more convenient way to make healthy choices. Woolworths has a vast range of products that I like to use, like their Simply Steam Zucchini spaghetti (only takes 1 and a half minutes to cook!) and Simply Steam cauliflower rice.

Healthier Food Swaps

  • Pasta – Vegetable Spirals
  • Potato Chips – Popcorn
  • Hot chips – Sweet Potato Chips
  • Mayonnaise – Avocado
  • Rice – Cauliflower Rice
  • Cream – Light Coconut Cream
  • Sour Cream – Greek Yoghurt
  • Milk Chocolate – >70% Dark Chocolate
  • Rice – Cauliflower Rice
  • White Bread – Whole grain Bread


For some more tips on how to freshen up your favourite family meals and read about Woolworths handy tricks for getting fussy eaters eating plenty of fruit and vegetables, CLICK HERE!

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